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You need a brake shop where you can get the best service paired with top quality work. Aloha Auto Repair can provide the Allen TX brake repair service you expect and more! With ASE certified technicians on our brake team, you can rest easy knowing that they are experts in their field. Our qualified mechanics have extensive experience repairing and replacing any brake type or brake parts, such as the brake pedal, disc brakes, drum brakes, hydraulic brake fluid, electronic anti-lock brake sensors, brake master cylinder, ABS, brake pad and power brake booster.

When it comes to Allen TX brake repair, we’ve got you covered. The team at Aloha Auto Repair are brake doctors who can resolve whatever issue befalls your car’s brakes. You know you should pay a visit to our brake and clutch doctor when your brakes present certain indications.

The brake of a car has only one function which is to stop a moving vehicle. To accomplish this, however, a number of different components come into play, such as the brake pedal, the pistons, and the brake itself. For a brake to put a stop to a vehicle’s motion, it makes use of leverage, hydraulic force, and friction. A brake that can no longer apply this forces effectively needs a visit to the brake shop for inspection and repairs. Brake failure can set in due to different reasons the most common of which is the loss of fluid pressure which could be due to the occurrence of a leak somewhere in the car’s system.

Interference with the production of friction by the brake can also cause your vehicle’s brakes to malfunction. Things such as oil, grease, thin brake pads, and grease should be regularly inspected to ensure that there is no loss of friction. Car brakes are one of the auto parts given little to no consideration unless there is a problem with them. This should not be the case, as they should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. There are quite a number of problems that can arise with a car brake, none of which should be tested. Vehicle brake failures while driving can result in accidents and casualties, along with damage to your vehicle or others.

Aloha Auto Repair – Your Trusted Allen TX Brake Repair Shop

At Aloha Auto Repair, we offer Allen TX brake repair services for  all different types of vehicles including cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUV’s). Our goal is to ensure a safer, accident-free road by checking that the different parts on your car are in perfect working order.

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Is Your Vehicle Displaying Any of the Following Signs?

The pedal is slow to respond.

The car pulsates upon braking.

There is a loud squeaking or grinding sound when you brake.

The power assist stopped working.

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