30K/60K/90K Preventative Service

30K/60K/90K Preventative Service in Allen, TX

Factory Scheduled Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle with 30K/60K/90K Preventative Service keeps your car running smoothly, and you can find that at Aloha Auto Repair in Allen, TX. While some manufacturer maintenance schedules may differ, the standard is 30,000 mile intervals. At each level, different parts need to be inspected or replaced to ensure your vehicle is running at it’s optimum performance. Our 30K/60K/90K Preventative Service check-ups are structured to fit your vehicle’s needs.  This includes filter and fluid changes, electrical and belt replacements, and digital vehicle inspections to make sure other parts are in working order. The higher the mileage, the more detailed the check-up.

30K Preventative Service

As this is the first level of scheduled maintenance, it is used to make sure the standard systems of your vehicle are performing correctly. This provides some incite as to how your vehicle will progress over time.

60K Preventative Service

Most vehicles are still under warranty at the 60,000 mile mark, so it is imperative to get preventative maintenance in case there is a part that needs to be replaced or a factory recall to be addressed.

90K Preventative Service

The most important scheduled maintenance as it will determine how your vehicle has aged and will continue to perform with higher mileage. At this level, all major systems are inspected and certain parts will be replaced to maintain your vehicle’s quality of performance. Scheduled maintenance doesn’t stop here. It will continue every 30,000 miles through the lifetime of the vehicle.

Items Inspected During Preventative Service Check-ups:

Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Cabin Filters

Brakes and Tires

Lights and Electrical Components

Belts and Hoses

Drive-Train and Transmission

Fuel System

Transmission Fluid, Cooling Fluid, Power Steering Fluid

Why is Preventative Service Maintenance Important?

Keeping your vehicle running in prime condition will keep you on the road. Cars age and get sick just like you, so maintaining their systems at each interval will prevent costly repairs later on. Sometimes there may be an issue that hasn’t presented itself yet and these scheduled check-ups can help to diagnose the issue before it becomes a problem. 

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