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At Aloha Auto Repair, we have specialist in oil change service in Allen who will help you make the right decisions when it comes to changing your vehicle’s oil. We provide quality service and help you prolong the life of your vehicle. It’s not just a simple “drain and fill”, so don’t wait until your check engine light comes on to book an oil change service in Allen, Texas.

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What is an Oil Change Anyway?

An oil change is the replacement of the old and dirty oil in your vehicle with clean oil. It is a necessary requirement for the maintenance of your car and to ensure that it does not develop an otherwise avoidable fault. The oil acts as a lubricant for the different moving parts of your vehicle’s engine. It reduces the friction that takes place between these parts, which ultimately results in less heat being generated keeping the engine at a cooler temperature than it normally would be. Oil also transports the heat away from the engine which also contributes to a cooler operating temperature.

Beyond temperature purposes, your vehicle’s oil also prevents grit and/or tiny particles which could otherwise cause harm to the different parts of your engine away.

Why is it Important to Get Regular Oil Changes?

If your vehicle’s engine oil is not changed (regularly), the heat being generated will eventually weaken its viscosity, the oil will eventually break down and become watery which results in it losing its lubricating power. This then leads to the oil becoming contaminated, and being unable to carry out its protective and preventive functions.

The frequency at which a vehicle’s oil should be changed varies by the manufacturer. Each manufacture makes a recommendation which they outline in their corresponding owner’s manuals. Years back, it was common practice to change a vehicle’s oil at short intervals, but with recent advancement in engine materials, an increase in their tolerance, and an improvement in the quality of oil / types of oil, the time interval has lengthened considerably.

Some manufacturers recommend that the oil is changed at an interval of 7,500 miles while others advise above it. For instance, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Porsche make a recommendation of changing your vehicle’s oil every 10,000 miles’ while BMW recommends up to 15,000 miles when synthetic oil is being used.

These different recommendations are, however, for driving under normal circumstances. It is advised that under severe driving conditions, the oil should be changed more frequently.

Severe Driving Conditions Include:

  • Driving in extremely hot or cold weather.
  • Making frequent short distance trips (under five miles) which do not allow the engine reach full operating temperature.
  • Being caught in stop-and-go traffic and idling extensively in hot weather.
  • Driving in very dusty environments.

In the above-listed situations, it is advisable that the engine oil is changed every 3,000 miles of travel or every six months.

For better engine protection, you should consider using other types of oil – that is, if your manufacturer approves of it. The different oil types consist of conventional oil, premium conventional oil, synthetic-blend oil, full-synthetic, and high mileage. Most people choose full-synthetic oil because it lasts longer and newer models are starting to take advantage of it more. Synthetic oils, in general, offer a better quality lubrication and better protection for vehicle engines than conventional oils.

Along with improved performance, synthetic options help in other areas as well. Synthetic oil benefits include greater resistance to thermal breakdown as well as decreased sludge problems, less evaporative loss, possession of a higher viscosity index and a better performance temperature-wise. Doing a full synthetic oil change is, however, more expensive than doing a conventional oil change. The time interval required to do a synthetic oil change is more than that required to do a conventional oil change as well. Make sure to ask your trusted Aloha Auto Repair technician if it’s beneficial and compatible for your car.


Trust Aloha Auto Repair – Quality Oil Change Service in Allen, TX

Regular oil changes are a fundamental aspect of vehicle maintenance. They keep your engine running smoothly and extend its lifespan. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals, and under severe driving conditions, consider more frequent changes. Selecting the right type of oil for your vehicle can also make a significant difference in engine performance and longevity. For oil change service in Allen, TX, just contact Aloha Auto Repair for best quality and affordable services.

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