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Is it Time to Replace Your Battery?

When your car battery isn’t working properly it can cause a world of trouble for you. A dead battery can keep you from enjoying your day. And sometimes batteries die when it’s least convenient. If you notice a change in your electrical components or your engine isn’t starting as quickly as it used to, it may be time to get your battery checked.

How to Jump-Start a Battery Safely:

  • Always be sure to check the owner’s manual of both vehicles before attempting to jump-start a battery. If not done correctly, it can cause damage to either vehicle.
  • Make sure that both batteries have the same voltage.
  • Be sure to attach positive to positive.
  • Never attach the negative cable to the negative terminal of the weak battery; attach it to something metal instead.

Changing a battery can be complicated as well. Newer vehicles are getting more difficult to access battery compartments each year, so it’s best to leave car battery Allen TX service to the pros. They have the knowledge and experience to charge, clean or replace your battery and have you on your way in no time! Call Aloha Auto Repair for car battery Allen TX services and for all your vehicle repair needs!

6 Signs You Need Your Car Battery Serviced:

Headlights are Dimming

Engine is Sluggish

Car Won’t Start with Jump to Battery

Clicking Noise When Trying to Start Vehicle

Warning Light Comes On

You Smell Burning Rubber

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