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If you live in Texas, then you know that summer is definitely no joke. It gets so hot it can kill. Because of this, it’s very important to have your A/C system maintained. Aloha Auto Repair provides excellent service when it comes to servicing your auto air conditioning system (as well as other parts) of your vehicle, be it a car, truck or SUV.

Our certified technicians are always on-site to assist in ensuring that your vehicles A/C system is working as it should.

An auto air conditioning, often referred to as auto A/C service, is the process of removing the heat and dampness from the interior of the automobile in order to improve the comfort of the passengers. The air conditioning system is made up of several components which are: refrigerant, compressor, condenser, accumulator, A/C inline filter kit, orifice tube, and evaporator.

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Six Main Components of Auto Air Conditioning Systems

Refrigerant: Also known as Freon, the refrigerant is able to change its physical properties when it is compressed, cooled and metered.

Compressor: This compresses the refrigerant gas PR Freon, the compression makes the gas very hot, after which it is sent through a condenser. This makes the cooling system work.

Condenser: This consists of a series of coils. Air from outside passes over in order to remove the heat from the already compressed gas. As a result, the gas to cools and condenses into a cool liquid.

Orifice Tube: It has a conical shaped fixed orifice that helps to restrict the flow of the refrigerant. This restriction lets the refrigerant change high-pressure liquid refrigerant to low-pressure liquid refrigerant mist. Next it moves into the evaporator. The failure of this tube results in restricted flow – this is as a result of clogging.

Evaporator: The low-pressure liquid refrigerant mist from the orifice tube moves through the evaporator. Then a blower motor pushes air through the cold tubes of this component into the passenger area of the vehicle.

Accumulator: This is a canister used to hold the refrigerant. While the refrigerant is inside this canister, the accumulator desiccant bag makes sure to remove any moisture that is present.

Cooling the interior of the car ensures that you are comfortable while you drive especially on hot summer days (although, it reduces the miles per gallon of your vehicle’s fuel). However, as nothing lasts forever, the air conditioning system of your vehicle will start experiencing issues. When your vehicle starts making noises and blowing hot instead of cool air, you know it’s time for a trip to Aloha Auto Repair.

Tips to Keep Your Auto A/C System Working Smoothly

  • Lubricate the components.
  • Clean or replace the filter regularly.
  • Check the system for leaks.
  • Make sure to have the refrigerant level checked when you service the vehicle.
  • Have the condenser cleaned out.
  • Get a full air conditioning service for the vehicle at least once a year to ensure that it is the good working condition.


In the scorching heat of Texas, having a properly functioning auto air conditioning system is not a luxury but a necessity. Aloha Auto Repair offers expert auto A/C services that can keep you cool during those intense summer days. By understanding the components of your air conditioning system and following maintenance tips, you can ensure that your vehicle’s A/C system remains efficient and effective. So, don’t wait until you’re sweating in the Texas heat – make sure your A/C system is in top shape with Aloha Auto Repair.


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