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Aloha Auto Repair has up-to-date engine diagnostics technology, allowing us to properly troubleshoot the on-board computer controlling your vehicle. We will diagnose your vehicle’s issue efficiently, providing a solution to your problem so you’re able to continue with your day.

Most diagnostics are performed by hooking up to the on-board computer system in your vehicle. The on-board computer system controls important aspects of your vehicle and if it’s a newer model, it can be tricky. A lot of manufacturers are putting more workload on their computer systems, such as management of fuel injectors, spark plugs, steering systems and many more elements.

The on-board computer is what turns on the ABS system light, or even less specifically the “Check Engine”. This to many people isn’t a big deal and is left untreated. This light should not be ignored like it so often is. Bring your vehicle to Aloha Auto Repair & Wash as quickly as you can in order to resolve the problem.

Once our trained and trusted technicians determine the issue, we will be able to work out a solution. As a result, we’ll be able to inform you of the work that needs to be done (if any). This way you can get your investment back on the road. We won’t try to sell you a service or repair you don’t need, so come on by and don’t let that check engine light stay on any longer.

At Aloha Auto Repair we’re proud to offer a free engine diagnostics special.

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