Is it Time to Replace Your Car Brakes?

by | Aug 25, 2018 | Auto Repair |

Listen! Is It Time to Replace Your Car Brakes?

They are not one of those things that often cross your mind, but it’s important to have your car brakes in the best working condition. As a driver, you need to check the condition of your car brakes more regularly just as you do to the engine oil, gearbox oil or the coolant.

The challenge, however, is knowing when the car’s braking system malfunctions and when it’s appropriate to replace.

What’s the Best Time?

You need to look and listen. These are the two ways in which you’ll realize a fault in your car brakes. First, listen to that screechy annoying sound when you apply the brakes. Many modern cars have the indicators in the braking system that will make the sound when it’s time for the brakes to be replaced. You will easily hear this sound through the window, especially when the radio or the car’s air conditioning system is off.

If the car doesn’t squeak, you can listen to other signs such as the grinding sound which alerts you that the brake pads are completely gone or check out for other sounds that indicate wear and tear. Don’t think much about it, walk into the brake shop at Aloha Auto Repair to purchase new brake pads if whatever you have are too thin to make an impact.

What exactly do you need to look or watch out for? A common instance is when the braking time is longer, and that means you have to push the brake pedal further down for the brakes to be applied.Time to Replace Your Car Brakes

What Causes Brakes to be Unresponsive?

Unresponsiveness of the brakes is normally caused by a leak in the braking system. This could be a brake fluid leak or an air leak (in the brake hose). If this is the case, check in at Aloha Auto Repair for a quick fix on the braking system. Replacing the brake fluid will be essential if there’s a leakage.

Please be keen to notice what happens to your vehicle when you apply the brakes. If you notice the vehicle pulling to one side, it’s an indication there’s a foreign material in the brake fluid or your brake linings are fading unevenly.

Don’t worry, simply contact the brake and clutch ‘doctors’ around Allen, TX so they can do an adjustment on the braking system or just drain the brake fluid in case of a foreign material.

Try to notice a vibration or a pulsating brake pedal which occurs during braking situations when the anti-lock brakes are not engaged. This normally indicates warped rotors, normally caused by severe braking especially if you are a frequent driver in steep terrains.

Vibration in the braking pedal could also be caused by vehicle misalignment. It’s advisable to take your vehicle for diagnosis to establish the exact cause of the vibrations.

Like many car owners, do not disregard the importance of maintaining car brakes. It’s a major component of your safety equipment while driving. Keep your brakes well calibrated and in good working condition to prevent the costly repairs. When it’s time to replace, do not wait, contact Aloha Auto Repair, the certified automotive repairs in Allen, TX for a quick fix on your car.

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