What you need to know about your auto exhaust system

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Auto Exhaust Systems

Your vehicle’s exhaust system serves two main purposes: first, it helps with cleaning your emissions as much as possible by reducing the amount of pollutants. Secondly, it helps keep your engine operating efficiently. The exhaust system of your vehicle is built to be able to complete both jobs properly and efficiently. Our experts are trained to complete exhaust system repairs as needed, as well as full-on exhaust system replacements if deemed necessary.

Main parts of a vehicle’s exhaust systemAuto Exhaust System

The two main parts of a vehicle’s exhaust system include:

  • Catalytic Converter
  • Muffler

Both of these parts play a critical role in maintaining your vehicle’s exhaust system. They’re both critical to keeping your vehicle’s exhaust system working as it should. If the catalytic converter and muffler aren’t working as they should, it could lead to a drop in emission quality and fuel economy.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter has a huge impact on the pollution and emissions your vehicle releases, and it’s responsible for performing oxidation and reduction reactions on the many different chemicals that are released by the engine in order to make them less harmful to the environment. Once the emissions have made their way through the catalytic converter, they tend to be composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide and water vapor. While CO2 is still a pollutant, it’s much less dangerous than the chemicals that are originally produced by the reactions. A damaged catalytic converter will not be able to turn these emissions into carbon, which means that harmful chemicals will end up being released into the atmosphere. This is illegal in many areas, so it’s extremely important to have it repaired or replaced by experts, such as those at Aloha Auto Repair.

Muffler: Reducing Noise Pollution

Originally, engines make lots of noise. In fact, they make so much noise that it can be harmful to your ears. This is why mufflers are needed. A vehicle’s muffler provides a space where the incoming sound waves from the engine can bounce around inside, which ends up lowering the intensity of the noise. While this is great, the muffler needs to be able to move gases in and out of it quickly, so it relies quite a bit on the exhaust working properly. If the exhaust system isn’t working properly in its entirety, major problems can arise.

Exhaust System Replacement

Since the parts of a vehicle’s exhaust system are so heavily dependent on one another it’s quite possible that a damaged part not being repaired in time can end up causing the whole exhaust system to need replacement. While it’s not ideal in terms of cost, it’s the best way to ensure that your exhaust is free of damages. The team of auto repair experts at Aloha Auto Repair can get the job done right the first time and have you on your way! Give us a call and check out our website!

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