Periodic Maintenance Can Increase the Life of Your Car. Here’s How!

Jun 4, 2021

Periodic Maintenance

Regular servicing or periodic maintenance is significant in ensuring a long and functional life for your vehicles and will play a critical role in keeping your car reliable and problem-free. Even though most modern-day cars tend to be more reliable than ever, a car will still need its fair share of inspection from time to time.

The easiest way to watch out for failing parts or impending problems is by getting your vehicle inspected as soon as you notice a problem and have your car serviced regularly. If you wish to find out how often you have to get your vehicle serviced, you need to check the owner’s manual for your car.

Ideally, most vehicle manufacturers suggest you get your car maintenance done after completing 10,000 km or 12 months, whichever is earlier.

Nevertheless, depending on your driving, you can also choose to have your vehicle inspected after every 5,000 km to be safe. If you have a brand-new car, here is why you must get it checked and serviced after 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 km.


5,000 kilometers

This will be the first periodic maintenance service for your brand-new car since the run period has just been completed. After completing 5000 kilometers, it is time for you to check and carry out all the general inspections on your vehicle and replenish all fluids.

Some major tasks that need attention during an inspection include changing engine oil and replacing parts if necessary. Ideally, newer engines should not see a lot of wear and tear at this mileage, so you need general service and a thorough cleanup to help keep your vehicle’s new look intact.

This is also an excellent time to check the coolant level, clean air filter (to ensure that your engine runs smoothly), and change windshield washer fluid.

This 5,000-kilometer service interval is also a good time for you to check for any minor issues with the electronics or any creaking door that may require some lubrication for smooth operation. Lastly, you need to check your tiers for any debris or nails stuck, which may lead to a puncture.

10,000 kilometers

While the first service is a precautionary check, your first critical service will be at 10,000 kilometers, as most auto-makers recommend.

At this stage, your car may have seen a lot of wear and tear since it must have been exposed to all the grime and dust, traversed various terrains, and may also have received a few bruises in traffic.

This particular servicing interval will feature several significant checks, including an oil change (using the recommended grade mentioned in your owner’s manual). You will also have to get the oil filter replaced and clean the air filter again.

If you travel across dusty areas regularly, you may even have to get your air filter replaced entirely. Some manufacturers also ask you to change the vehicle’s air conditioning system’s pollen filter after crossing the 10,000-kilometer mark.

This pollen filter helps ensure the air you breathe in the car is fresh and free of any pollutants. It will also help in increasing the cooling effect and the overall life of your HVAC unit.

Next, a professional from Aloha Auto Repair will check your vehicle’s tire alignment, balance, and rotation to ensure everything works well as part of periodic maintenance. Doing this will help you extend the entire life of your tire and suspension. It will also make sure that your tires do not have uneven wear and tear.

15,000 kilometers

The 15,000-kilometer mark servicing will bring even more severe issues into the light and might even require a few replacements. Except for getting your oil changed, this is an excellent time for you to check your brake pads and the disk rotors.

Even though all brake pads are built to last longer than 15,000 kilometers, excessive or aggressive driving can take a significant toll on them, which might warrant a replacement earlier than required.

This is also the time for you to have your other fluids checked, including the transmission, brake, and steering. After the 15,000-kilometer mark, our professionals from Aloha Auto Repair will inspect and clean your spark plugs if you have a petrol-powered vehicle. Auto mechanics will also check the bulbs, fuse, and clutch of your car.

If you notice any warning signs on your instrument console, you need to get it inspected and repaired as soon as possible before any further damage is caused to your vehicle. Next, we will be checking your car’s battery to ensure that it delivers the required voltage.

It is also more likely for your HVAC unit to run out of coolant, which is why it will also have to be refilled along with the windshield washer fluid. Since all our employees are well informed, they will also change any parts that need replacement at the 15,000-kilometer service mark.

If you wish to know what these parts are, you can check the owner’s manual to see yourself.

Periodic maintenance servicing can go a long way in helping you ensure your car’s longevity. Nevertheless, an intelligent vehicle owner is not the one who only maintains his vehicle but also backs it up with insurance. Even though a new car may see fewer breakdowns, an accident can put all that effort, time, care, and money down the drain.

Make sure you stay out of trouble by getting your vehicle serviced by a professional.


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Periodic Maintenance Can Increase The Life Of Your Car. Here'S How!

Periodic Maintenance Can Increase The Life Of Your Car. Here’S How!

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