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To ensure that your vehicle meets all the safety and emission requirements, have your vehicle inspected at Aloha Auto Repair & Wash. Our team of trusted and certified mechanics are well-trained to deliver a top-notch service and guaranteed to turn you to a regular customer of ours for years to come. Just drive into Allen, TX, and visit us on Main Street. Upon arrival, inform us of what service we can render to you, then sit back and relax. Our expert technicians will deliver top quality work that you cannot get anywhere else.

Texas mandates that a vehicle is inspected for confirmation of regulations concerning safety, emissions or both. Inspections are done in order to ensure that vehicles that are not road worthy are taken off the road. Vehicle inspections can occur at different intervals, such as on a periodic basis or on the transfer of title to a vehicle. In some states, it is required that vehicles be inspected periodically, this is termed periodic motor vehicle inspection. For Texas, it’s once a year.

Upon passing inspection, a sticker would be placed on the vehicle’s windshield which would set a date when the other sticker and inspection is due. A car inspection station is a place (approved by the local authorities for inspection) to drive into for a car’s inspection so as to verify if a car passes legal requirements. This is usually done when the car is due for inspection.

In the United States, each of the state governments can decide whether the vehicles in their state should undergo inspection or not. As a result of this, a couple of states have stopped their inspection programs as they see it as unnecessary. Other states, however, still require the inspection tests which they mandate happens on an annual or a biennial basis. The inspection stations where vehicles undergo safety and emission inspections are state-run in some locations while they are privately run in other locations.

Some states take a vehicle’s inspection so seriously that they will not issue a vehicle license as well as a license plate unless proof that the vehicle passed inspection is obtained.

As stated already, a lot of states insist that these required inspections occur at least once a year.

Texas State Inspection

Inspection of All Cars – Including Classic Vehicles

Official Vehicle Inspection Station for the State of Texas

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Which Items are Inspected for Vehicle Safety Compliance?

The items that are inspected in a vehicle so as to ensure that they comply with safety standards are:

  • Car Horn
  • Window Tint
  • Head Lamps
  • Exhaust System
  • Tires
  • Wheel Assembly
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Mirrors
  • Steering
  • License Plate Lamp
  • Rear Red Reflectors
  • Seat Belts

Aloha Auto Repair & Wash, apart from being the top destination for all of your auto repairs, is also your number one car inspection station. We help and assist in keeping your vehicle within the legal framework and specifications so that you are in state compliance. Schedule an appointment today!

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