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Oil Change Service Near Me

Did you know that your vehicle’s engine design and your driving style affect how long you have until you need to top up the oil that lubricates the crankcase? Our team from Aloha Auto Repair & Wash is going to explain why.

Even though you took your vehicle into an auto repair shop the last time you ensured that the correct amount of oil was added, you will probably have to get your oil changed now and then.

Why is that? What happens to your vehicle’s oil? Why don’t you notice any puddle of oil underneath your car when the dipstick shows that your oil levels are low? The honest answer is that your car consumes both oil and fuel. Today we’re going to outline some of the reasons why your vehicle loses oil and why an oil change service is essential.

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Causes of engine oil consumption – Oil Change Service Near me

As a vehicle owner, the first thing that you need to remember is that all types of vehicles consume oil. This is because the oil you added to your engine enters the combustion chamber and gets burned along with fuel. This is why you must check the oil levels of your vehicle regularly.

A car’s overall oil consumption is ideally determined by two critical factors: your driving style and engine design, as this is what helps your oil enter the fuel distributor.

Your engine design impacts combustion and exhaust

Besides the fact that your vehicle’s design can end up influencing your overall oil consumption, you must remember that the oil you add is going to circulate around the combustion chamber of your vehicle. This means that some amount of oil is going to end up inside the chamber.

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 In fact, your vehicle’s engine design will make it necessary for the oil to enter the area around the valves and the piston.

The total amount of oil that enters these areas depends on the clearance between the parts. Nowadays, all vehicles’ engines have very little clearance.

This means that less oil is consumed since it has a little more contact with all the various components and cannot easily reach your vehicle’s combustion chamber. This is one of the main reasons why vehicle owners need to use premium quality oils specific to their engine type.

But no matter how much clearance you have from every time your vehicle’s piston reaches its maximum engine compression, some amount of oil gets sucked into your vehicle’s combustion chamber and burns.

Nevertheless, combustion is not the only reason why your vehicle loses oil. Your oil may also evaporate in other areas. 

The oil which lubricates your exhaust valve is specifically subjected to higher temperatures, producing gases that can damage your vehicle’s oil or cause it to evaporate. These are some of the main reasons why vehicles consume oil.

Why do we change vehicles’ engine oil even if it is not low?

When you continue driving your car, the oil you put in your engine will eventually wear out, breakdown, and become contaminated. When this happens, it becomes more and more ineffective at absorbing heat and lubricating your engine’s essential parts. 

Running a vehicle that has dirty oil can cause its parts to grind together. This can cause damage, make noise, and allow heat to build up inside your engine, which can lead to a much significant problem down the road if not taken care of on time.

We suggest that the next time you check your vehicle’s oil, don’t just check the levels; you also need to observe your oil’s consistency and color.

If you notice that your engine oil is getting darker in color or observing any small black particles floating in your oil, you need to get it changed immediately. Our team from Aloha Auto Repair and oil change service near me suggests you change your car’s engine oil every 3000 or 5000 miles.

Why do two vehicles of the same model and make require different amounts of oil?

The oil consumption so far is inherited from all types of vehicles and usually depends on its design. But you may notice that two identical cars sometimes can also consume different amounts of oil. This is because all drivers have their individual style of driving.

Whenever gas gets emitted from the combustion chamber, any oil around your exhaust valve will get consumed. As your engine speed starts to increase, the total amount of exhaust increases as well, resulting in even more oil consumption.

What should you do to increase the life of your vehicle’s oil and engine?

Whenever you visit a professional auto repair shop and oil change service near me like Aloha Auto Repair, you need to ask your auto mechanic to use an oil flush before changing your oil. By adding an oil flush to your vehicle, it can help you quickly get rid of any harmful sludge or deposits from your engine.

It will help you free up any sticky valves or filters to give you a quieter running engine. It will also help open any restricted oil passages to improve your vehicle’s oil circulation.

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