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Nov 25, 2018

Radiator Flush

Although the radiator does a very important job, it is one of the most commonly neglected parts under the hood of a car. The radiator that cools the engine when the car is running and prevents it from freezing during winter. It also ensures the optimal function of the engine by maintaining the right operating temperature…this is one of the many reasons radiator service is important.

Considering the important role it plays and the amount of work it does, there’s no doubt your car radiator needs regular maintenance and routine checks to make sure it continues working as it should. Radiator flush is one of the most common and easiest maintenance you can carry out on your driveway to remove any solid build up in the radiator channel.


What is a Radiator Flush?

Radiators vary in size depending on the type or model of car and are usually filled with antifreeze and sometimes water. Over time, as they are exposed to the elements, they become dirty due to the scales, sludge and other sediments that begin to form. As a result, the antifreeze gradually loses its effectiveness and will no longer be able to properly cool the car engine. At this point, you have to flush the car radiator.

A radiator flush is necessary to ensure the well-being and proper functioning of your car engine. It is done to prevent the car from overheating and also keep the radiator in proper working condition.

To flush out a radiator with a new antifreeze or coolant, the original coolant must be drained. The solution is allowed to circulate through the car’s cooling system, dissolving and removing sediments formed within the radiator system. After the flush, the antifreeze mixture is drained and replaced with a new coolant (often mixed with water).

Besides preventing leaks and ensuring the well-being of the radiator, carrying out a radiator flush also helps to prevent the build-up of corrosion impurities or rust which if not removed can stop the car engine from running smoothly.


When Should I Flush My Radiator?

Radiator Flush, Aloha Auto Repair

Radiator Flush, Aloha Auto Repair

According to our professionally qualified mechanics at Aloha Auto Repair, there’s nothing set in stone that tells you how many time you should schedule your radiator to be flushed. Instead, there are several factors you need to consider based on individual circumstances, such as the quality of your current antifreeze and how you perform on the wheels (driving habits).

However, flushing your radiator occasionally will help preserve your engine and extend the useful life of your car.

One of the ways to quickly tell if your current antifreeze is no longer effective is to test for the acidity level using a pH litmus paper. If the test reflects a high acidity, then it’s time to flush your radiator. But of course, you don’t always have to wait till the mixture becomes that useless.

Car manufacturers generally recommend flushing your radiator after every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. But again, you don’t have to wait that long. You can request for an expert mechanic from Aloha Auto Repair to check your radiator with your next oil change. Checking the antifreeze or coolant can keep your engine from overheating, so don’t ignore it.


Aloha Auto Repair – Your Radiator Service Partner

Aloha Auto Repair, based in Allen, TX, stands ready to cater to your radiator service needs. Beyond radiators, their expertise extends to brakes, oil changes, and various other major car services. When in need, trust Aloha Auto Repair to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.



In the intricate symphony of automotive care, the radiator plays a pivotal role. Regular radiator flushes emerge as the key to ensuring a car’s engine operates smoothly and efficiently. By understanding the importance and timing of radiator flushes, you contribute to the longevity of your vehicle’s vital components. Auto Repair

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