Does Cold Weather Affect Oil Change Intervals?

Oct 18, 2021

Oil change or changing your vehicle’s oil is critical for its performance and longevity. Oil plays a crucial role in providing maximum protection against wear and excessive heat caused by moving parts of your engine. For those who don’t know, motor oil is measured in viscosity, determined by the thickness of the oil. Earlier oil for cars used the term “weight” to define the same the term viscosity means today.

Before synthetic motor oil was introduced, all vehicle owners had to rely on engine oil formulations with just one viscosity. It led to numerous issues associated with the different thicknesses between the warm summer months and cold winter months. Mechanics used a heavy 30 to 40  weight oil for warmer months, and during the colder months of the year, professionals switched to a lightweight oil to prevent it from getting thicker.

All these problems were eventually solved with the introduction of multi-viscosity oils. They provide a better flowing oil that remains thin during the cold weather and thickens as the temperature rises. This type of oil provides you with the same level of protection for your vehicle throughout the changing seasons. As a vehicle owner, you will not have to change your motor oil for cold or hot weather if you use high-quality multi-viscosity oil.


How Does Cold Weather Affect Engine Oil?

Does Cold Weather Affect Oil Change Intervals?

Does Cold Weather Affect Oil Change Intervals?

The weather in the United States places many demands on the workings of a vehicle that has not been built to work in extreme weather conditions that often drop below the freezing level. An oil change is a simple way you can ensure your vehicle works perfectly throughout its life. During the cold months of winter, most people check their fluid levels inside a car but do not entirely understand the need to ensure their oil filter and oil are at their peak level. If not done regularly, bad oil may affect the performance of your vehicle.

Our Aloha Auto Repair team can help you with all your oil-changing needs during the winter months without breaking the bank. As a vehicle owner, you can ensure that your vehicle does not suffer any issues due to oil during winters. In most cases, oil inside the engine tends to get thick when the temperature drops anywhere near or below freezing point. If this happens, it may cause issues with oil passing through the parts of your engine, making it difficult for the vehicle to start due to extra pressure placed on the starter motor and the battery.

At 20 degrees F, the overall consistency of your engine oil can get similar to maple syrup which can be challenging to pass through the filter and keep the engine running ideally in cold weather. Oil changes need to be taken care of during the beginning of any typical cold weather to ensure that your oil is not too thin or thick. An oil change is an easy way of giving your vehicle the best chance to run at its maximum efficiency.


How Does Multi-Viscosity Oil Work?

Multi-viscosity oil is one of the best motor oils for vehicles since it provides engine protection in various weather conditions. The multi-viscosity oil uses additives called viscosity improvers that tend to expand as the oil heats up. The expansion helps provide you with the viscosity needed at a higher temperature.

After the oil cools down, the viscosity improvers automatically shrink. The ability to adapt viscosity depending on the temperature makes multi-viscosity oils much more effective than the previous generation of motor oils which had to be changed by the vehicle owners according to the temperature and season


Signs That Suggest You Need to Oil Change Your Vehicle

Now that you know how oil helps protect your engine from leaks and deposits, it must be clear how critical it is for your vehicle’s functionality. Regardless of its longevity, all types of motor oil tend to go bad and eventually need to be changed. Let us take a look at the most common signs that suggest you need to change your vehicle’s oil to protect your engine:

  • If your engine is running louder than usual, it could indicate you need to change your engine oil. Engine parts that rub together may cause excessive noise. Ask a professional mechanic to check the oil level and add or change the oil as required. Professionals may also suggest you replace the oil filter if needed.
  • The oil or check engine light comes on and remains lit. It indicates that there is a problem with either the engine or the oil level in your car. Have a professional mechanic from Aloha Auto Repair run a diagnostic and check your oil level as soon as this happens.
  • When a professional reports that your vehicle oil looks gritty and black, it is time for you to have it changed immediately.
  • When it’s not cold, smoke coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe may also indicate low oil levels. Ask our professionals to check the oil level and change it completely or bring it to the ideal level.

Professional mechanics ideally apply a sticker somewhere inside the driver side door when they change the oil to let the owners know when it’s time for them to change it again. Once you proactively get maintenance and scheduled oil changes done at regular intervals, you can ensure that your vehicle’s engine will continue to run in its prime condition.


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Does Cold Weather Affect Oil Change Intervals

Does Cold Weather Affect Oil Change Intervals?

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