How Do Oil And Air Filters Affect Your Engine?

Sep 14, 2021

Before we look at the various functions of oil and air filters in your vehicle and how oil can harm your vehicle’s components, we first need to understand what engine oil is. Oil is the primary lubricant housed with your car’s engine and is used for numerous functions that allow the vehicle to run at its best performance level.

The Function of Engine Oil

The primary function of having oil in your engine is to help reduce friction, prevent overheating and promote cooling, remove any build-up of debris, encourage sealing of connections, and serve as a protection for all moving parts that create stress inside the engine.

If you notice any oil in your air filters, you may not be getting all the benefits provided by this lubricant. Nevertheless, despite all of these critical functions, vehicle owners often overlook oil.


Engine Oil Mechanisms

Engine oil does the job of providing a barrier between moving parts to prevent overheating, excess friction, and wear.

Besides preventing overheating, the oil also plays a critical role in your engine’s cooling, allowing the refrigerant or coolant to travel throughout the engine and cool off any heated parts.

Engine oil helps form a seal between numerous parts inside the engine, like the cylinder walls and the piston, providing the correct compression, reducing wear, and maintaining proper fuel and air ratio. Nevertheless, if the oil remains inside the air filter, it may not be doing its job correctly.

Suppose you wish to keep your engine oil working at the right temperature, performance, and preventing oil from getting into the air filter. In that case, you need to get regular maintenance done by professionals from Aloha Auto Repair.

We will perform regular maintenance and oil changes to ensure the oil levels are high enough to provide the engine with the right amount of thickness and viscosity. Remember, a routine oil change can help you prevent oil from entering the air filter.


What is an air filter, and how does it affect your engine?

Now that you know what oil is and how critical it is in your vehicle, we need to understand what an air filter is and how it works.

Like other types of filters, your vehicle’s air filter helps the engine to “breathe” easily, allowing it to perform its tasks more efficiently. Ensure that you regularly inspect your vehicle’s engine and air filter by paying attention to your car’s grill.

If you notice any grim splattered on the front of your car, it can easily make its way to the engine, affecting the overall performance.

The air filter ideally functions to prevent this build-up of contaminants and debris from harming the engine. Usually, an air filter is placed inside a plastic box to prevent these contaminants from escaping.

Nevertheless, there are times when you may find out that your air filter’s oil is harming your engine’s performance capabilities and cooling.

In theory, a vehicle’s air filter can get so dirty and build up so much debris that it may result in your engine not working at all.

However, our Aloha Auto Repair professionals suggest you keep an eye out for your car and engine performance before you reach this point.

If you find out that there is oil inside your vehicle’s air filter, then you need to book an appointment with us as soon as possible.


Regularly check your air filter for excess dirt

We have noticed that in most cars, a dirty air filter does not allow the engine to get the required amount of air or fuel to work correctly, thus harming the car’s overall performance. It also causes oil to get trapped within the air filter itself.

New, fuel-injected systems have proven that a clean and healthy filter can keep an engine working at the perfect horsepower.

Nevertheless, if you notice oil in your air filter, the energy produced from the motor will be much lower than its optimum capabilities.


Both oil and air filters are critical for your engine’s health

An oil filter and an air filter tend to have a vital job even though they are minor components of a vehicle.

The primary duty of an oil filter is to prevent any dirt or debris from entering the car’s engine. With time, if you allow your oil filter to get clogged, the filter will no longer be able to efficiently clean the oil or fuel, causing your vehicle’s engine to produce harmful contaminants.

Even though an air filter may seem like a minor part when compared against other extensive components in your car, like the transmission or the engine, oil inside the air filter can prove very detrimental.

This issue may further lead to problems with the transmission and engine of your car, resulting in an expensive repair.


Want to get your air and oil filter checked? Book an inspection with Aloha Auto Repair & today!

How Do Oil And Air Filters Affect Your Engine?

How Do Oil And Air Filters Affect Your Engine

Now that you know how important it is for you to maintain your car’s air and oil filters, it would be best to keep them in an ideal condition.

If you live in Allen, Texas, and are looking for professionals to help you take a look at your vehicle’s filters, then you need to get in touch with Aloha Auto Repair at the earliest.

Thanks to years of experience, all our professionals can help you boost your vehicle’s performance to its fullest, giving you optimum results.

Give us a call at (469) 656-1124 or contact us online, and we will book an appointment for you!


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