What is freon and why does my car need it?

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Texas summers mean extreme heat under the blistering sun. This means that when driving, whether you’re going on errands or trips, you’ll probably be cranking the AC up. Few things are worse than realizing mid-drive that your car’s AC stopped working and is instead blowing out hot air. This can lead to your vehicle overheating and its electrical system being damaged. Chances are it might be a freon issue.

What is Freon?What is Freon

Technically speaking, freon is an aerosol propellant, refrigerant, or organic solvent consisting of one or more of a group of chlorofluorocarbons and related compounds. Basically, it’s a refrigerant that your air conditioner needs in order to blow out cool air.

How do I know if my car needs freon?

A lack of freon often means that there;s an issue with your vehicle’s AC system itself, whether it be a hose issue or a leak. The reason for this is that freon doesn’t get used up and doesn’t evaporate, so if freon is low, it’s probably being leaked out somehow.

If you notice that your vehicle is blowing out hot air when the AC is on, it’s a pretty good sign that your vehicle is low on coolant. In such cases, you should bring your vehicle into a trusted mechanic, like Aloha Auto Repair!

What should I do if I notice low freon levels?

A reliable mechanic shop will make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is working properly before sending you on your way. The last thing you want is for your freon to be replaced, only for it to leak out again and cause issues.

Our mechanics will replace the freon in your vehicle and make any necessary repairs so that the freon doesn’t leak out. All you have to do is bring your vehicle in to our Allen, TX mechanic shop and we’ll get the job done!

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If your vehicle is low on freon, especially during the hot summer months, make sure to bring it in to Aloha Auto Repair! We’ll make any repairs and even conduct routine maintenance! Give us a call today at 469-656-1124 or visit our website for more information! Also check out our blog for more helpful tips.

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